7 Actions To Improving Self Esteem

man-reading-book-outsideWe all want to improve our self esteem every few hours. As it will help us to achieve success and happiness in life. But it is quite impossible. There is no magical ways to improve self esteem at every few hours.

Motivational videos, Inspiring articles, blogs, Ted talks videos, podcasts and self-help books will energize our mind for few moments. But it does not work for long run. Then, motivation has been vanished as usual. We are the same demotivated person as we were past.

From my experience, I believe that meditation and autosuggestion help us to improve our self esteem if we practice it regularly. These bringslong term effect in our subconscious mind because our self image is determined by our subconscious mind.

Meditation is very simple. Sit on floor, relax you mind and body, close eyes, disconnect your mind from outside world, take deep breathe, observe breathe and enjoy the calmness of your mind. Generally twice in a day such as morning and evening time is perfect for meditation.

Besides, autosuggestion or positive affirmations and giving positive self talks with our mind continuously. Suppose, I can’t handle stressful situation but I give auto suggestion that “ I can handle stress situation smoothly”. First, Our subconscious mind will not believe it. We have to chant it every moments at day and night, After few months, our subconscious mind will start to believe that, “I can handle stressful situation”.

Meditation and autosuggestion itself will not improve self esteem if we don’t follow some other actions. Usually, these things will give someone positive thinking but it does not work until we take some positive actions. Here is a list of these positive actions-

  1. Follow a fixed schedule : We are 24*7 days busy with our works. Unfortunately we work hard instead of work smart way. It happens because we don’t maintain schedule and forget to prioritize our work. So, follow a fixed schedule from waking up morning to going to bed. A well-balanced schedule will have intense effect to enhance self esteem because it will enhance our productivity.
  2. Set goals for life and trigger your actions to achieve these : Do you know the interesting fact of mind? It is our best friend and enemy also. Give it lots of work especially some goals. Then, it will start working automatically to achieve these goals. When you will achieve it, give your mind to another goal. Just make it busy. Otherwise, idle mind will destroy your peace in life and lead your life to wrong track. We are working for what? We must have a clear vision about our journey of life. You must be specific about our goal of life. If you don’t have goal, sooner or later You will be found yourself aimless, demotivated and fractured self esteem.
  1. Don’t underestimate the taking care of our mind and health : Just imagine, you have been handover 100 million dollar instead of losing your sound mind and health. What will happen? Simply terrible. Nobody wants that money. So, take care of your body and mind, they will take care of everything. So, proper disciplined life style, taking nutritious food, 8 hours sound sleep, praying and regular physical exercise make our body fit and strengthen our mind power.
  2. Accentuating human relationship rather than money and wealth : Money and wealth has importance to some extent for life. But don’t give more priority on money and wealth instead of human relationship. Remember, when you will feel alone and helpless, money and wealth will not give accompany you, your parents, life partner, friends, siblings will take care of you to get rid of the unexpected depressed situation.
  3. Growth mindset instead of average mindset of comparing attitude : We love to compare our life with the life of others and feel disappointed. That is average mindset. We must have a growth mindset where we have tendency to improve our work, learn from mistakes of ourselves and other people, learn something new at every day, deliberately get rid of our comfort zone and make a positive change not only in our mindset but also in the society.
  4. Learn to be master at time management and stress management : Time and stress are inter-related with our work. We must prioritize our work to manage time. We can eliminate distractions such as smartphone, social media during productive hours to exploit our time properly. If we finish our work on time, we can manage our stress also. Besides, Yoga, meditation, running, go for a trip with family and friends will improve our stress management. Another important mechanism is that, stop worrying about future and past, living in the present will eliminate your stress level.
  5. Life is not about chasing success, it’s about being a part of humanity and helping marginalized people : Success should not be final destination for our life. If it is your final destination, you will feel same lonely and demotivated person after achieving massive success. You will not feel challenge to do any work after getting desired result. We must work to achieve success. At the same time we should work to help poor children, do voluntary work, spend time for elder people, give physical and mental labor for reaching daily necessities to cyclone affected people. Trust me, it will fill up your heart with weird satisfaction.

Don’t overthink and focus too much on the improving self esteem at every few hours, emphasize on procedure of improving yourselves with positive actions. As a result, You will never feel to improve your self esteem at every few hours because your self esteem will be solid as steel and rejections, failures, sufferings, high expectations, frustration will never able to fluctuate your self esteem.

If you able to improve your self esteem anyhow and discover the real you, you can manage smoothly even the worst situations of your life.


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5 ways to get out of depression


Read the book “Feeling good” by David D. Burns : One of the best depression related book which can help you to get rid of depression or at least help to show the way to overcome the problems. This is not only the Amazon’s best selling e-book but also world’s one of the best self help book to fight against depression. It has been found from five controlled studies which are published in scientific journals that 70% depressed people recovered from depression within four weeks who have read “Feeling Good”. The book is prescribed to patients who are living with depression.

Do Meditation and physical workout (run, push up, chin-up) everyday : Meditation can help you to get rid of depression. You will find inner peace. Do 1 hours meditation at every day. 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. Do physical workout at every morning. Running, walking, push up helps to cope with depression. Run at least 30 minutes at every morning.

Goal for 8 hours sleep and eat healthy food: Lack of sleep make the mental condition of depressed person worst. Relaxation techniques help to maintain sleeping habit and lack of sleep make the situation worst. So, relaxation techniques before sleeping really helpful for sound sleep. Lay on your bed, close your eyes, take deep breath, stop thinking, observe the breath, imagine you are walking on a beautiful place and feel the nature. Moreover, follow some steps for sound sleep such as set bed time schedule, avoid afternoon nap, avoid alcohol and caffeine before sleeping, shut off tv and switch off smart phones before sleeping. Most importantly, Try to make sure your bedroom is quiet, dark and not too hot or cold which is prerequisite for better sleep. Besides, depression affects our appetite. Some depressed people can’t eat properly and some people can overeat. Take meal regularly, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. For depressed people, some foods are really essential which have sufficient nutrition include beans and peas, lean beef, low-fat cheese, fish, milk, chicken, eggs, soy products, yogurt and fatty fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, tuna etc.

Never spend time alone and always avoid social media : Never spend time alone. Try to spend time with friends and family. You can spend quality time with your parents, kids, girl friend or wife. Besides, whenever you will feel depressed, spend time with poor children or help them to study or donate money for them. Ironically, social media media makes us unsocial. Meanwhile, social media is making our life complicated. It creates jealousy and enhance depression in our life. Quora is also social media site and use it wisely. Otherwise, it will be addictive too. Deactivate social media account (except quora) or at least limit your activities in social media and stop wasting time.

Express yourself : When people are depressed, they can’t think properly and their creativity are blocked. So, you can spend time with your best friend and share your feelings about depressed mental situation. You can draw a paint, play with children and pet, write about different topics in online, practice poetry, write a song lyric, compose music, join a theater group, cook a new dish, learn something new, make YouTube video, travel worldwide or roam in your own country, make friendship with new people and talk with strangers. Don’t lock yourself in the room and don’t keep this dangerous feeling inside you. Just release it. Express yourself creatively through art, music and writing.

In conclusion, always remember that “You are not alone”. Me, Shovan Chowdhury like millions of people have struggled with depression for years and recovered from it by self determination and following some techniques.

No doubt, You can win over the depression by the same way.


Who wins at life?


I observe these traits that successful people have in common. Let’s check it out-

  1. Outliers: They are Outliers. They don’t wait for opportunity, they just create it.
  2. Self-Confident: Some people are defeated several times, rejected 100 times, lose everything except self-confidence.
  3. Stay hungry, stay foolish: They always stay hungry, stay foolish. Stay hungry means never be satisfied, and always push yourself. Besides, stay foolish means do (or be willing to keep trying) the things people say cannot be done.
  4. Mentally Strong: Those who let go of all painful feelings and sufferings.
  5. Exceptional: They swim against the current.
  6. Creative: They think outside of the box.
  7. Self-Control: People who know how to control desire.
  8. Always sincere, but never serious: They eat, pray, love, meditate, and run. They are not serious about life, but they are sincere.
  9. Zero expectation: Those who never expect anything from anyone.
  10. All in one: Those who have positive attitude, self-discipline, emotional control, and charismatic personality.
  11. Learning attitude: They learn not only success stories but also failure stories.
  12. Dedication: Some people don’t focus on outcome, they focus on excellence.
  13. Persistent: Winning-losing doesn’t impact some people’s mindsets. They are highly focused on their activities. They win at life.
  14. Industrious: Successful people work three times as hard after failure.
  15. Emotional intelligence: They keep their emotions secret. Work hard silently.
  16. Right mindset for success: They never complain about their family, poor financial condition, surrounding situation, and rejection.
  17. Long term vision and plan: Successful people have long term vision. They always have a creative plan, solution, and back up plan.
  18. Clear idea about self: Undefeated people know their strengths and weak zones.
  19. Right balance between family and career: An intelligent people knows that family is more important than career. So, they balance between family and career.
  20. Self competition: They compete with themselves.
  21. Mysterious: Extraordinary people don’t share about their next move.
  22. Enjoy life: They enjoy every single moment of life.
  23. Helping others: Truly successful people love to help people.
  24. Indefatigable: They never give up. It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.

How Can I accelerate my personal growth?


  1. Stop wasting time on porn tube sites.
  2. Don’t follow the crowd, follow your own way. Do what you love.
  3. Limit your social website activities.
  4. Don’t only learn from success stories, learn from failure stories “why did they fail’? Find it and learn from it.
  5. Try to be a good presenter in office meetings. Trust me, it will lead you to a successful career.
  6. Control your emotions and try to be proactive.
  7. Chase your vision and dream. Success will start following you.
  8. Try to be creative. You should maintain a diary to list your creative ideas.
  9. Make an awesome and productive video which is related with your career and upload it to your YouTube account.
  10. Be practical. Life will be easy.
  11. When you are working, only use your smartphone for calling, not for any other purpose like gaming, checking notifications etc.
  12. Make a daily routine and strictly follow it.
  13. Learn 5–6 languages.
  14. Read self help books like The Power of Now-Echkart Tolle, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari-Robin Sharma, Outliers-Malcolm Gladwell.
  15. Focus on your career and make plans rather than being involved in a stressful relationship.
  16. Work with the best people in your field and learn from them.
  17. Always come to the office on time.
  18. Stop chasing and impressing the opposite sex (or the same sex).
  19. Don’t be materialistic.
  20. Expect nothing from anyone.
  21. Always try to give your 100% effort.
  22. Build powerful habits.
  23. Memorize your colleagues and subordinates names.
  24. Understand office politics.
  25. Be mysterious and never express everything.
  26. Learn excel advanced level which is the most underrated skill in the world. Still most powerful skill.
  27. Improve your leadership skills by enhancing communication skills and negotiation skills.
  28. Learn programming, web design and graphics design.
  29. Take up any interesting hobby like playing guitar,photography, blogging. It will accelerate your career.
  30. Be a better listener and meet new people.
  31. Attitude of continuous improvement and life-long learning.
  32. Be disciplined.
  33. Do meditation everyday.
  34. Attend numerous workshops, training.
  35. Get highest degree on your academic subject.
  36. Love yourself and take care of your health.
  37. Spend less time on the Internet.
  38. Do Visualization.
  39. Spend time with creative and great people.
  40. Do volunteer jobs.
  41. Help people.
  42. Be curious and ask questions all the time.
  43. Learn martial arts. It will help to lead you to be a strong person and have tough mentality.
  44. Leave your bed early in the morning and run 1 km.
  45. Never procrastinate to complete your work.
  46. According to Harvard business review, one of the quickest ways to learn something new, and to practice it, is to teach others how to do it. So share what you learn with your team, your manager, or your co-workers.
  47. Try to act like you are confident and can handle everything. Fake it till you make it.
  48. Be positive and learn from your faults.
  49. Be ambitious, think big and divide your work into small portions.
  50. Make a career plan of next 10 years. Where do you want to see yourself after 10 years? When you have a plan, you will know what you have to do for achieving great success.

Always remember that Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.- Charles R. Swindoll

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